Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Artwork by Carlos Mota

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Sioux American Elder

Quechua young lady

Yanomami beauty
"Young Aymara girl"
Landscape painting in progress I

Landscape painting in progress II

"Abstract"/hyperbolic art
"Reality Savant"

P'urhepecha Petamuti

Ink drawing

"Hill of Something new"

Native Destiny

American boy

"The Sacred"

"American elder II"

American elder III

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Indigenous People WORLD MAP - by Carlos Mota


I will upload full view when I complete it.

Hello, My name is Carlos Mota, I believe to be what you can call a "Reality Savant". I am of the P'urhepecha culture of Michoacan Mexico, and possibly partially Indigenous European (spain)

This blog is meant to help those who do not know much about Indigenous humans of planet Earth, to know the faces of Our World's people. I let my ideology out in this blog describing my thoughts using terms mostly everyone could understand, not necessarily how I was taught to communicate and not nessesarily how I would do it in person.

Emmigration from Europe lead our world into being a place where everyone is becoming "racially hybrid", which is why I have made this map about pure or nearly-pure-blood World Indigenous People.

The word "Indigenous" means = Originally from, and it is mostly reffears to a culture or a "type of human" ("race"):
Every human in the world has a "racial origin". KNOWING that there are still many full-blooded Indigenous humans in most parts of the world today, I decided to create a map showing full, and nearly full-blooded indigenous humans from around the world. This map was created Non-commercially and there are places on the map where you do not see people's faces, this was most likely due to the fact that there are no longer enough full-blooded people indigenous to those places to find a photo on the internet, or simply there was no photograph on the internet that was set to
creative commons rights showing a full-blooded humanoid indigenous to that part of the world.

For "race", it is more precise to use the terms; Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid etc. Instead of European, African, Asian, American. Because the words Caucasoid or Negroid actually describe the type of human a person may be, instead of the general region one is indigenous to. All of this is at a highly generalized level disregarding the most important "being of human" which is ones culture and root.

Carlos Mota: